Poreč Veterinary Hospital

Ultra Vet Labin / Surgery


In order to constantly provide superior veterinary services, we are proud to be able to offer you a whole range of surgical procedures for your pets. From pre- operative treatment to going home, caring for your pet is our imperative.

What do we offer?

Soft tissue surgery

In our practice, we perform routine, preventive surgical procedures, all the way to therapeutic, emergency and other ones. Sterilization and castration will provide them better quality and longer life with a reduced risk of hormonally induced tumorous changes.

If your pet has other health problems, difficulty urinating due to bladder stones, inflammation of the uterus or stomach torsion, etc., you can contact us with full confidence.

Organs of the digestive system

Foreign body extraction, surgical treatment of obstruction.

Sexual organs

Orchiectomy, ovariotomy, ovariohysterectomy, vaginal prolapse, surgical treatment of pyometra.

Organs of the urinary system

Cystotomy, removal of urinary stones, obstructions, nephrectomy.

Oncological surgical procedures

Organs of the digestive system

Foreign body extraction, surgical treatment of obstruction.


In our practice, we use all modern procedures of general and local anesthesia. Allow us to introduce you to these procedures in more detail. 

General anesthesia is a state of unconsciousness that allows us to perform surgical procedures because they could not be performed on an awake animal. Local anesthesia is a procedure that includes the use of drugs that prevent the transmission of impulses and thus the feeling of pain in the place where the surgical procedure will be performed. 

Prije donošenja odluke o anesteziji pregledati ćemo vašeg ljubimca. Pregled uključuje i detaljnu pretragu krvi nakon što ćemo se s vama konzultirati. 

After the anesthetic is administered, we will monitor the heart rate, breathing quality, blood pressure, body temperature and oxygen supply to the body. Pets recover from anesthesia in our intensive care areas are under constant supervision. 

As in humans, although complications are rarely possible when using anesthetics.