Poreč Veterinary Hospital

Other services

All the remaining services that are offered are listed below.

What other services
do we offer?


Several hundred different skin diseases of dogs and cats are known, which very often manifest themselves with similar signs. Maybe you didn't know, but on a global scale, skin problems are the most important reasons to visit a vet.  

Preventive examinations

"Prevention is better than cure" is a good old saying that fully applies to our pets.

Pain treatment

We are aware that pain is something that our pets also have a hard time bearing. It is the pain that will significantly affect the course of the disease.

Vaccination of pets

We provide your pets with protection against dangerous infectious diseases according to the highest standards.

Protection against parasites

We offer a whole range of drugs to fight against internal and external parasites from all renowned manufacturers.


Whether it's about timely mating, artificial insemination, preventing abortions, as well as helping and caring for the mother and young, we are here to advise you and offer services that will ensure a smooth pregnancy and birth, as well as healthy growth and development of the puppies.