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Laboratory diagnostics is what we are proud of, because we offer a whole range of tests within our and partner laboratories.

What does our laboratory

Blood tests

We can find out a lot about your pet's blood. Here is what we can precisely determine on our analyzer:


An increased level can always be associated with diabetes, while a decreased level speaks in favor of liver disease or the development of tumors Urea – is a harmful by-product of protein breakdown that is removed by the kidney; high levels indicate dehydration or illness


Is a by-product removed by the kidney; an increased level is a sign of dehydration, kidney disease, but also blockage of the urinary tract

Total proteins

Albumin + globulin; an elevated level is a sign of dehydration, infectious diseases and tumors; a decreased level may indicate failure of liver, kidney as intestinal disease
diseases and tumors; a decreased level may indicate liver, kidney and intestinal disease

Total bilirubine

A by-product of the breakdown of blood color (hemoglobin), it is found in bile;
an elevated level indicates an increased breakdown of red blood cells, but also changes in the bile ducts and gall bladder and liver disease.


Liver enzymes that increase when the liver is diseased

Alkaline phosphatase (ALKP)

The enzyme found in the bone marrow, liver, and bile ducts increases during Cushing's disease (hyperadrenocorticism), liver disease; slightly elevated levels are accompanied by diseases of the pancreas

Albumin (ALB)

One of the main proteins found in the blood is made in the liver; lower levels speak in favor of diseases of the liver, kidneys and intestines. Amylase and lipase are enzymes produced by the pancreas, changes accompany pancreatic disease but also other diseases.


Modern laboratory tests allow us to determine your pet's levels of numerous hormones, such as those secreted by the thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas, ovary and testis. Determining hormone levels can reveal the reasons for numerous diseases.

Genetic tests

In cooperation with licensed laboratories, we can also offer you genetic tests for hereditary diseases.